Thank you!

On Saturday October 3rd, the National LGBTQ Task Force celebrated THE POWER OF US at the 24th annual Task Force Gala, presented by Truist. “There are very few upsides to this pandemic,” said executive director Rea Carey, “but one of them is that hundreds of people from across the country are able to join us this evening.” The first-ever virtual Task Force Gala drew guests from all fifty states nationwide, and even a few international guests tuned in for the broadcast! In a year filled with so much uncertainty, more than 50 sponsors and well over 500 individual donors stepped up to support the event and demonstrate their commitment to the movement for equality. Proceeds from the event will support the Task Force’s Queer the Vote campaign, which aims to drive voter participation in the 2020 general election.

“I am struck by our power,” said deputy executive director Kierra Johnson. “Our power is in our numbers, but our power is also in our diversity. We are on the coasts, but we’re also in the bible belt, we’re in the rust belt. We are immigrants. We have disabilities. We are America! This is what the future is for us. It’s taking our power, it’s reclaiming our democracy, and it’s not taking anything less than what we deserve.”

On behalf of the National LGBTQ Task Force, THANK YOU and PLEASE VOTE! And it’s not too late to donate. Help us maximize our impact by making a donation today.